Jimena is an artist originally from Spain, but moved to California in 2017, and ever since she's been pursuing her art career and finding her style throughout the years.

Studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense  Madrid, and inspired by other wonderful  artists such as J.S.Sargent, Joaquín Sorolla, Velázquez, as well as contemporary: Richard Schmid, Lena Danya,Suchitra Bhosle, Charmaine Olivia, Heather Ihn, Kate Zambrano, Ruth Speer or Alex Venezia, Nick Alm... She has drifted away from other creative fields to truly commit her life to art; more specifically oil painting, but also touching some gouache and watercolor techniques. 

 You can find more of her art and other projects on her social media, such as Instagram, and is active daily on her Patreon page where she shares some of the 'behind the scenes', techniques and oil painting tutorials and demos. She is also active on Youtube but on a more sporadically way, as she wants to focus on the daily art for her Patreons and commissions.

"What is lost in life we find in art"

-Claude Monet

Untitled_Artwork 22.png