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(All Oil painting commissions are made on belgian Linen panel or primed Wooden panel.)


Commissions start at $370 on 8x10 inches (more sizes available), this covers all the materials used, the time invested on your unique and custom order, and any editing on the design or photograph we discuss. I paint on linen which is a very sturdy and durable support, as well as great quality of oil paints and varnishes so your custom piece is the best quality possible. I truly understand this is a big investment, but I promise you I put my heart into each piece to make it unique, timeless and a treasure for you to hold forever.

If this is your first time ordering a commission and are unsure about how it works, here are several examples of commissioned pieces from my wonderful customers.


 • A single person portrait (example: family member, loved one, old photograph of grandma...)


• A multiple persons portrait (like the one showing in the slideshow)


• Your furry friend portrait (cat, dog, birds, horses bunnies... all pets are most welcome)

• A still life from a photograph of your choice, or I can arrange it for you similarly to the ones I have painted. We will discuss the elements you would like in it (ex. roses, teacups, books, candles...)


• Landscape (a few examples: grandparents bedroom, the field where you played as a kid, a corner from your city...)


• Fan-art/ A scene from a movie clip: yes, I can paint a scene from a movie you like, and we will further discuss it together what works best in a painting.

• Master copies: yes, you can submit a master copy or a cropped area from a master painting, a few examples would be pre-raphaelite painters, and impressionists painters, however I can only do a similar style to certain painters, so please let me know which painting you have in mind and we can discuss it as well.

Note on reference photos: I always work from a reference, whether that is real life or a photograph, I do not work from imagination. I will do adjustments in Photoshop (ex. different background, remove elements), but I highly recommend to not add people or elements from different photos into one single painting; in my experience it never comes organic since they are in different lights and backgrounds (sadly it just looks very unnatural)

Payment & delivery time:

Payment will be made via Paypal or Wire transfer before shipping. You will be receiving updates when I'm working on your piece to make sure you are happy with it and letting you know when it's almost done. Once it's all finished, we can proceed with the payment before shipping.

Delivery time: please keep in mind not just the painting time which can vary from piece to piece, but also the drying time for the oil as well as the varnish, this adds an extra week/week and a half depending on the size. I must make sure it is completely dry to be able to ship it to you.

Taking Christmas commissions now!

*important*(commissions can take between 5-6 weeks total from start until your receive it so please  keep this in mind when requesting!)
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Thank you so much for your trust & choosing me for your custom painting.

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